Thanks for those who have encouraged me to start this journey of blogging.


6 Responses to “gratitude”

  1. rudrasprasadams Says:

    welcome to blogs!!!

    congrats on starting this journey.

    this journey according to me has no destination…. the journey itself is the destination…..

    nothing to achieve…no destination to reach…. still, a long way to go….

    as has very rightly said…”having been blessed and born with wings, i cannot remain without taking to wings, soar in the sky or float in the atmosphere above… my only job is to soar higher, higher and still higher….”

    we are eagerly looking forward to your journey, for you will plant seeds and saplings on your way, which will grow into a full-fledged tree full of shade, flowers and fruits… and, under their shade we look forward to relax, unwind and enjoy!!!

  2. chidambaram Says:

    welcome to blog world. 🙂

  3. Muthukumar Says:

    wishing you a very Happy Journey .

  4. barath Says:

    Welcome to blog world Karthick!!
    Happy blogging!!

  5. Sundar@Nagarajan Says:


    Congrats and Very good start and expecting a very usefull info form this site.

    Learning is a process that every single human being undergoes. it is not just a yearly or even monthly process,but a day to day one as well. we observe people around us–how they speak and act. in learning about others, we learn about ourselves in the bargain, and also how it is best to interact with other people. We learn the true meaning of terms such as integrity,kindness,sincerity,dedication,love,acceptance,appreciation,humility and encouragement only from honest actions.Not just from words.we expect to learn these life lessons.(in all aspects both in and out(self and others). Sooner or later,you will look upon yourself wondering how much you have accomplished in life.however successful you may become,it is only the satisfaction of embracing what really makes “you” and appreciating what you really feel,that will make you genuinely happy.

    Enjoy and Happy Journey…………

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